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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just Another Book Blog?

I follow several AMAZING book blogs, so I decided to make one of my own. I used to have one, but I deleted it a while ago. Now I'm starting a new one! I know there are so many book blogs, but I wanted to show MY opinion on some of my favorite books by reviewing them for you (and because for some reason it won't let me comment on some of my favorite blogs). I read mainly YA novels, from YA murder mystery to YA romance. Hopefully, this doesn't sound boring to you. Yes, I know this is my first post but stick with me here! :) I might have some of the same things as other book blogs, but I think you will find (in time) that this one will be different :D

Oh, and I will post what I am currently reading on the side, which means that will be the book I will be reviewing first! Whenever I finish one and post the review, I will put my new current book up and you'll know it will be the next one for review! Got it? Good.

Now for some authors to check out while you're waiting for my first review...
-Kate Brian (Kieran Scott follow her!)
-Robin Benway
-Melissa de la Cruz
-Jen Calonita
-Ally Carter
-Sara Shepard
-Cecily von Ziegesar
-L.J. Smith
-Lisi Harrison
-Alexa Young follow her too!
-Meg Cabot
-Sarah Dessen
-Stephenie Meyer (for those few of you who haven't read Twilight yet)


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  1. hello, and welcome to the book-blog community!