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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

And the Fabricated Book Award Goes To...

Monica!!!! :D 

Congrats girl, you were the very first to guess right (I had, in fact, read Mandy. I read it in fifth grade, haha)  , not to mention you were the very first to guess, period. Well, anyway, here's your wonderful award:

Obviously you can tell I made this myself as it is not perfect. But hey, Gimp is hard. Maybe some of you have tried using it? Yeah, way harder than good ol' Paint. Now Monica, if you do not have a blog and have absolutely no use for this picture award, I have an alternative award that you can receive if you email me at: numberonealphamassieblock@gmail.com . But email me ASAP because it expires on Thursday (yes, it's a coupon. To Books-A-Million)! Oh, and please tell me you live in the US... if not, well I guess I will come up with another alternative award haha! 

Yes, everyone. There will be a FF every Friday and every winner will receive one of these guys above and possibly something else if I can get my hands on something cool. Happy reading guys, new book review coming soon!

And another thing. Ignore the name on my email. It's an old email I use for giving advice as "Massie Block", one of my favorite book characters from The Clique. Well, she's been one of my favorites for awhile (I've been reading that series for like 5 years, so I have to keep reading to see what happens even though now I'm older than the characters). But anyway, it's still me is all I'm trying to say ;)

P.S. I am going to go see Eclipse tomorrow!! Anyone else? Can't wait! And Monica, I will be at work (my summer job whoo hoo) and then going straight to Eclipse so if you do email me, I will not be able to email you back until late tomorrow (Wednesday) night or possibly Thursday morning so even though the coupon I can give you is only good until Thursday you will have like a day to use if you want. Sorry, I don't have the best awards yet since this is my first one! Hope you understand!

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  1. Haha! Nice gfx! You actually do it better than me :3