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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Guess the Title #2 Winner!

So for the second trial of the Guess the Title contest, ALL THREE of the entries knew the correct answer! Yes, this quote is from Just Listen, by Sarah Dessen: "--and if you asked," he continued, "I'd tell you. I wouldn't just offer it up though. I'm not a hateful person. But if you asked for my opinion, I'd give it." You guys were all right. Of course sweet Owen was the one who said it. And this is probably my favorite Sarah Dessen book, along with The Truth About Forever. Anyway, the winner, chosen at random, is...


Congrats! You have won the homemade-on-Gimp award below. I'm sorry I have nothing else to award you, but I hope you will enjoy the award-pic to post on your blog if you would like to. I need to seriously try to get some better awards, I hope you understand! Thanks to everyone who entered and remember to enter the next contest, which will posted sometime this week. Maybe I will get more entries...? I hope so, so invite your friends! Thank you!

By the way, I'm reading Bad Girls Don't Die and it's getting pretty creepy. Expect a review soon because I'm really liking this interesting twist on a thrilling ghost-type story. Happy reading, I know I've been! :)