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Monday, September 6, 2010

Cast One of Your Favorite Books: She's So Dead to Us

Well, I know I said I would probably post a book review this weekend... But I wanted to do something different! So, here's the first edition of what the post title suggests! I'm going to tell you guys who I think would make a great casting for the characters if She's So Dead to Us (by Kieran Scott) was ever made into a movie. Tell me if you agree/disagree/or have someone better in the comments below!

Ally Ryan: Jenna Stone

Jake Graydon: Max Ehrich

Chloe Appleby: Emma Roberts

Shannen Moore: Lily Collins

Annie Johnston: Ariana Grande (okay I''m pretty sure Annie doesn't have red hair in the books but Ariana is so quirky in Victorious, it just totally reminded me of Annie)

Hammond Ross: Sterling Knight

The Idiot Twins: Dylan and Cole Sprouse

Faith Kirkpatrick: Dakota Fanning

David Drake: Logan Miller



  1. I LOVE that picture of Emma Roberts - she is adorbs!! :)

  2. I disagree with:
    Ally Ryan: Jenna Stone- I imagined her less country, not to be stereotypical, and with brown eyes mathed with shoulder length brown hair.

    Jake Graydon: Max Ehrich- I saw more movie star handsome, not to be rude to him, and the book says blue eyes.

    Shannen Moore: Lily Collins- She definitely has more delicate features.

    I'm also on the edge about Faith Kirkpatrick: Dakota Fanning

  3. Why The Idiot Twins: Dylan and Cole Sprouse ???
    Why? why? why? why? why?why? why? :(

  4. i disagree with most of your choises:
    jake graydon should have longer hair
    david drake should look completely different to jake
    the idiot twins should look more idiotic
    hammond ross should be austin butler
    and shannon moore should have short hair and have definatly more delicate features

  5. oommggG no me gusta ningunoO d esos mas k stering nigthH es el mejor

  6. i think Jake should be Logan miller and David should be max Ehrich! please reconsider!!

  7. I think Victoria Justice should be Ally and Skyler Samuels should be Faith. I also think that Jake should be someone different like Robbie Amell (he might be too old), Taylor Lautner or Noah Centineo. Hammond, in my opinion, would be better as Alex Pettyfer. AnnaSophia Robb would be a good Chloe too, I like Emma Roberts also though. Jenna Stone might be a good Shannon but I also like your choice of Lily Collins.