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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Guess the Title Winner Is...

Cafe Fashionista!!!!

Your guess was actually RIGHT! And, you were the only one who guessed it. The book this quote was from:  "I was, like, relieved when he cheated on me. I wanted a good reason to break up with him, and he gave me one."  was Poseur: The Good, The Fab, and The Ugly. Charlotte was talking about Jake. Anyway, you have an ah-mazing fashion blog and I really wish I could give you something cooler and more tangible than this... But here it is anyway:

Yeah, I know, I look totally poor compared to the awesome giveaways and contests other blogs have, but hey, this blog is new and I am still trying to score stuff for you guys. Sorry Cafe Fashionista for my lack of awesomeness, but I hope you will enjoy this "award" to post on your blog (ONLY if you want to. You seriously don't have to. It will not offend me, I promise). Yes, I did make this myself on Gimp, and yes, I did try my best with what I have, haha. So, in conclusion, if you like my blog and want it to have more contests with real, cool prizes, invite your friends, follow this blog, and then maybe I can see what I can do about some better awards :)

Check back in this Saturday for a new contest and as always, happy reading!


  1. Ah, yayay! I'm so excited to have won - thank you, thank you, thank you!

    And please...this award is perfect as is because it came from the heart. Love it!! :)